Luna Laboratory

Who are we?

Polish medical technology and scientific knowledge

Luna Laboratory Sp. z o. o. is a special purpose company whose task is to create and develop  new medical technologies that ensure safe and effective use of stem cells in the therapy of multiple sclerosis. 
The results of our research and development projects have enabled the development of an  innovative technology for the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

Personalization of treatment

The advantage of the therapy proposed by us is to adapt the treatment to the patient's  needs - developed, as well as patented by Luna Laboratory and used in therapy, the drug belongs to the category of advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP). It is manufactured to the order of a doctor and individually for a given patient. The active substance is the patient's own stem cells.

Technology for which people stand

Luna Laboratory is formed by researchers and experienced doctors - headed by prof. Andrzej  Klimek, an authority in the field of neurology. The innovative medical technologies at Luna Laboratory are people involved in the treatment of MS, devoted to their patients and having regard to their well-being. Therefore, the ultimate goal of our research work is to provide patients with a method of treatment that will improve their health without risking side effects, complications or pain.

In the work on therapy, we were guided by the most important criteria from the patient's  point of view, which are:

• Safety and effectiveness of treatment;
• Lack of complications, diseases and conditions that accompany or develop as a result of a  basic condition;
• Limiting painful treatments;
• Reducing additional risk to health and life (development of complications);
• Improvement of comfort and life expectancy;
• Possibility of professional performance;

We operate based on applicable law

The basis of the activity carried out by Luna Laboratory Sp. z o. o are the following legal acts:

1. Regulation of the Minister of Health of 9 November, 2015 on the requirements of Good  Manufacturing Practice (as amended) 
2. Regulation of the Minister of Health of 9 May 2012 regarding Good Clinical Practice
3. Act of 6 September, 2001. Pharmaceutical Law (as amended) 
4. Act of 1 July 2005 concerning taking, storage and transplantation of cells, tissues and  organs (as amended) 
5. Act of 5 December 1996 on the professions of a doctor and a dentist (as amended)
6. Regulation of the Minister of Health of 23 April 2007 on the qualifications required for  persons employed in tissue and cell banks 
7. Regulation of the Minister of Health of November 20, 2006 on professional and sanitary  requirements for tissue and cell banks 
8. Regulation of the Minister of Health of 9 October 2008 on the requirements to be met by  a quality assurance system in tissue and cell banks (as amended) 
9. Regulation of the Minister of Health of 29 September 2016 on specific conditions for the collection, storage and transplantation of cells, tissues and organs 
10. Regulation of the Minister of Health of 6 June 2017 on unique labeling, the way of marking and monitoring of cells, tissues and organs
11. Regulation of the Minister of Health of 30 March 2010 concerning training of people whose activities have direct impact on quality of cells, tissues or organs, as well as safety of donors and recipients
12. Guides and guidelines of the European Medicines Agency (EMA)

Luna Laboratory Sp. z o.o.

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