Stages of therapy

Stages of therapy

What will happen to me from the moment I decide to receive cell therapy?

A physician, specialist in neurology, conducts an interview with the patient regarding the current treatment, state of health and currently used medications. It may also be necessary to have documentation of the disease history. The necessary diagnostic tests are also performed, based on which the patient is qualified for the bone marrow harvesting procedure by specialists of the medical consultation (anesthesiologist, surgeon).
After providing all the necessary research results, specialist doctors meet as a part of the consilium where they analyze the medical documentation in detail and decide on the patient's continued participation in the therapy. In the case of excluding the possibility of therapy, the patient is invited to visit to discuss the results of the research and detected abnormalities.
If the patient is included in the therapy, its date and course are determined in consultation with the medical center staff and the patient. The patient is warned about the necessity of taking personal belongings to the hospital, and they are also given instructions on how to prepare for particular medical procedures.

2. The bone marrow aspiration
The bone marrow harvesting procedure takes place in a specialist clinic. The patient reports the procedure in the morning on an empty stomach. The collection is performed under local anesthesia, by a specialist physician, under sterile conditions of the operating and treatment room. During the procedure lasting an average of 2 hours, the patient is given approx. 50-100 ml of bone marrow (for comparison: it is a quantity about 10 times smaller than that taken in the case of bone marrow transplants).  After the procedure, the patient rests in the clinic for the next few hours, after which he can leave the clinic. 

3. The preparation of a medicine composed of the patient's own stem cells.
Immediately after the bone marrow has been collected from the patient, it is transported to the Luna Laboratory scientific-research laboratory with specialized medical transport. In the laboratory it is registered and marked with a unique identification number. Then a highly specialized procedure for the separation of bone marrow stem cells is carried out. At all stages of the technological process, tests are carried out to control the quality of the manufactured medicinal product.
The drug ready for administration to the patient is released by the laboratory and transported to the clinic in which the stem cell transfer will be performed.

4. The drug administration
The patient reports to the clinic the day after bone marrow harvest, in the afternoon. A drug made up of his own stem cells is given to him intravenous drip infusion. This procedure is performed under the conditions of the supervised post-operative room of the medical center. After taking the drug, the patient stays in the clinic until the next morning, where he is surrounded by medical care and observation used immediately after the procedure.

5. Evaluation of the effects of therapy
After hospitalization, the patient appears in the medical center at the control visit after about 3 months to assess his health and the therapeutic effects of the cell treatment.

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