Use of stem cells
in the treatment of MS

Multiple sclerosis therapy

How do stem cells help in the treatment of MS?

Stem cells used in the treatment of MS affect remyelination (reconstruction of nerve fiber  casings) and immunomodulate the patient's immune system, i.e. regulate its immune response, and strengthen the body's self-healing functions. Research shows that stem cells introduced into the patient's body are able to find out the disease and repair the lesions, as well as create new healthy cells.

"Stem cells have caused a whole range of positive reactions. It is, as we suppose, their  penetration and removal of changes within the central nervous system. Magnetic resonance imaging studies were carried out. Each of the patients before the administration of the cells had a magnetic resonance test, as well as in a timely manner after that - control tests. In control resonances, there was a visible reduction of areas in which pathological changes in the nervous system occurred. The resonance result clearly indicates a visible reduction in the areas changed by the disease.  Therefore, we believe that stem cells have the ability to rebuild changes within the central nervous system

prof. dr hab. n. med. Andrzej Klimek, neurologist

Luna Laboratory Sp. z o.o.

ul. Milionowa 23
Łódź 93-193

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